Sara Sackner

Sara Sackner’s debut exhibition presents a collection of drawings, paintings and paper weavings collectively anchored in the lifelong pursuit of a personal measure for the passage of time. A large scale paper weaving documents a daily commute in a detailed tapestry visualizing the mundane rituals in which we all engage. Colorful threads connect points in time and across the weaving’s surface into a single entity. Conversely, a series of precise and repetitive line drawings created in response to the death of a loved one illustrate the stretching out of a single point in time and how the relative weight of moments bend and shape our unique temporalities. Many pieces use earlier works as base material, reconstituting the fractured remains of older paintings to make new connections. Sackner’s work is thoughtful and meticulous, synthesizing the conceptual and material aspects of the artistic process to make clear associations across her own personal narrative–using the malleability of memory as a tool in the construction of the present.